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Starbucks employee disappears from North Carolina airport

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Authorities are searching for a 24-year-old Starbucks employee who went missing Monday afternoon while on her break at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

Allison Cope, who went on her scheduled break and was expected to return around 3 p.m., never returned to work. She was reported missing around 7 p.m.

Cope was “last seen wearing a black Starbucks polo, blue jeans and black shoes” at the pre-security Terminal 2 Starbucks, according to the New York Daily News.

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Eric Trump Slams CNN’s Jim Acosta Over His Press Briefing Temper Tantrum

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As TGP reported earlier, very fake news CNN’s Jim Acosta continued his temper tantrum on Wednesday after video was prohibited during the White House daily press briefing.
Acosta tweeted out a picture of Sarah Huckabee Sanders in the press room and with a caption, “Sarah Huckabee Sanders taking questions from reporters at WH briefing. Video of this has been banned by the USA.”

Eric Trump slammed Acosta after he tweeted out,

“Does this feel like America? Where the White House takes q’s from conservatives, then openly trashes the news media in the briefing room.”
Eric Trump responded to Acosta’s temper tantrum by saying,

“Does it feel like America where one of the networks (CNN) gives debate questions to their preferred candidate ahead of time?” OUCH!

Re-Humanizing Johnny Reb


“…You said he’s a Confederate general. They’re the bad guys. And he’s probably racist… We’re going to raise our kids here. I don’t want some Confederate General ghost teaching them his racism…”[I]

Yep… a “bad guy”… a “racist”… a boogeyman…

That’s what Hollywood, mainstream media and a large part of American society and politics think of your Confederate ancestor. This little diatribe from the popular New York City based sitcom How I Met Your Mother fits somewhere along the spectrum of popular thought concerning the soldier of the South. At its most benign, he’s simply an unfortunate statistic, a number, a byproduct of that “dark little corner labeled ‘slavery and treason’.”[ii] Somewhere past that notion he is caricatured as an incompetent, illiterate, hayseed dupe who fought to keep his rich neighbor profiting from slavery. At the worst end of the spectrum is the idea that he was a subhuman monster with beliefs and conduct akin to Nazi Germany’s Waffen-SS.

While we know this is unequivocally false, far too many people hover around this end of the spectrum. Examples of this type of malignity include Jon Stewart of The Daily Show celebrating “Union Victory Appreciation Month” (a distasteful spoof of Virginia’s Confederate History Month) by “selling” a chess set complete with all of the Confederate pieces either covered in blood or on fire and with what appears to be crumbled buildings all over the board.[iii] One might get the impression that living, breathing Yankees with hopes, dreams and culture were fighting an abstract, dark evil that threatened to engulf everything pure in the world while attempting to destroy the greatest country on earth.

An AH-1G Cobra Gunship Being Reloaded 1969

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A six-man crew reload an AH-1G Cobra gunship following a support mission. The ammunition includes: 2" 75 rockets, grenades, and rounds for the mini guns, 16 October 1969.
Photographer: SP4 L. T. Gault via Fold3.

Comment On Protests planned at Gettysburg battlefield this weekend

Comment by Jeffery in Alabama on Protests planned at Gettysburg battlefield this we...
As you well know and the majority of Americans do not, Gettysburg is like most National cemeteries adjacent to or near National Military Parks where major battles took place in that "marked" graves in National Military Parks and National Cemeteries are for Federal soldiers (key word is National). After large and horrific battles such as Gettysburg, the dead on both sides were quickly buried. Sometimes years would pass before the Union dead were disinterred and neatly re-buried in the "marked" graves that we now recognize with the rows of white marble stones we see when we visit battlefields such as Gettysburg, Shiloh, Chickamauga, and even Arlington.There was not any effort to remove and rebury the remains of the majority of Confederates from any battlefield by the United States government. If they were removed from the battlefield, it was years later and the effort was made by the state for which they fought (i.e. North Carolina removed about 3,200 of their dead from the Gettysburg battlefield).
There have been instances where Confederate burial sites have been turned into WalMart parking lots, etc. Even though in 1958 a law was passed declaring all Confederate soldiers, sailors, marines, United States veterans, the gravesites of Confederate dead are not always afforded the protection given of Federal soldiers and American veterans resting in well manicured National Cemeteries. The boys who wore the gray and butternut often lie in unmarked graves not far from where the fell.
I sincerely doubt most ANTIFA know or even care which side was which. Their gammit is hype and destruction 'ala ISIS anyway. If there is an "attack" at NMP's, ANTIFA commies might attack monuments honoring soldiers who participated in those not-so-long-ago battles. By the way, those beautiful monuments, honoring both Confederate and Union soldiers were placed by the states from which a particular regiment, Army, company, etc. hailed. The United Daughters of the Confederacy and The United Daughters of the Grand Army of the Republic held huge fundraisers and lobbied their respective state governments to raise vast sums of money to commission the sculpting of such monuments and having them placed on the fields of honor. We do not need ANTIFA commie rat bastards anywhere near such places.

Burr: Senate panel to get Comey memos

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Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Sen. Richard Burr is pictured. | J. Scott Applewhite/AP Photo 

The Senate Intelligence Committee has reached an agreement to receive memos written by former FBI Director James Comey detailing his interactions with President Donald Trump, Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.) told POLITICO on Wednesday.

It had been an open question whether Congress would get access to the memos, which several committees in both the House and Senate have demanded to see.

Comey, who testified before Burr’s panel earlier this month, kept detailed memos about his meetings with Trump, including one in which he says Trump expressed a desire for the FBI to drop its investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.


Stanford Prof: Don’t Say Your Homework Was Easy Because You Might Offend Other Students

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Truly demented.

To the mounting list of ways to possibly offend other students on college campuses these days, you can now add talking about your homework.

“Sure, you had no ill-intent, and absolutely nothing racist in mind at all,” Stanford Prof, Ruth Starkman writes in the Huffington Post. But by merely uttering the words out loud, you risk a microaggression because you don’t know who in class may have struggled with the assignment, she says.

Trying to explain why an assignment wasn’t too hard for you is also a microaggression, Starkman advises students at elite colleges like Stanford. So don’t even think about telling peers if you’ve already been exposed to a subject or idea in high school.

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NC Law Allowing Gov. Officials To Refuse To Perform Gay Marriages Wins In Fed Court

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A North Carolina law allowing magistrates to refuse to perform LGBT marriages was upheld in a federal appeals court Wednesday.

Two lesbian couples and one interracial couple filed suit in 2016 over the the law known as SB2, or the Marriage Recusal law, alleging that their status as taxpayers in North Carolina gave them standing to sue. The lower court dismissed the couples’ lawsuit, who then filed for appeal with the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. The three judge panel from the 4th Circuit unanimously dismissed the couples’ lawsuit, saying that SB2 clearly had not hurt their ability to get married, as two of the couples were already married and the other couple was engaged at the time that the law was passed, according to an AP report.

Van Jones: Russia is “Nothing burger”– American Pravda: CNN Part 2

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Graham Grills Intelligence Officials Who Refuse To Tell Him If He Was Unmasked

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